Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

 Let’s work harder this year to not be in that shoulda, woulda, coulda club at The Judgement as we continue life here below.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Loving My GOD

 Loving my GOD

Gets hard for me sometimes

Because the world does not understand

This love for GOD

By a human.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Stress Reliever


The weather turned cold in our area a couple of days ago, so I pulled out a throw that I made a couple of years ago. The added weight felt good on the bed and I got extra joy out of knowing I had made it with my hands. I remember my joy when I made my first flower. Such a simple joy.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Do you know why? When you do something you like to do, it makes you feel good. I like to crochet and seeing the throw that I had made raised that joy in me again. 

I always tell you to find something that you enjoy doing and work your stress out that way. It might be reading, going for a walk, embroidering, cooking, etc. When you do that, you build endorphins. You can read further about it in one of my books,  Bear the Good News.
And, just so that you know, paying someone a compliment does the same thing, for you and for the person receiving the compliment.

In these times of political turmoil, it pays to be prayerful and to practice doing things that alleviate stress. Be blessed!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Through It All

 Good morning! Hope you have been faring well, are faring well and will continue to do so. 

As most of you know, I have been posting a few words daily on my Twitter account. If the LORD wills, I will endeavor to post weekly on this blog, as well.

Through all of the turmoil of Covid, etc., our GOD kept us and is keeping us still. So, this morning, I want to say, “Thank You, FATHER, for Your love, mercy and grace! I do not have adequate words for thanking You for allowing my readers and me to hide in the shelter of Your wings and keeping us through it all!”

Though there have been changes 

That we could not foresee

GOD kept you and He kept me

Through it all!

Note - GOD has blessed me to publish 11 books to date, with another one at my publisher, TMP Books. GOD’s grace!

Monday, May 9, 2022

Talking to GOD and Stepping On

 Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was bittersweet because, though I received calls, texts, and gifts a plenty from my husband and my children, I missed my Momma, so I did a tribute poem in her memory which I have included below. And while my missing her is ever with me, I talk (in the poem) about how she equipped me to stay in the vineyard and keep working for the LORD come what may. (cont. tomorrow)

She taught me to read my Bible and pray

And I used that teaching on yesterday

To get me through the pain of missing her

And did a bit of teaching as I reminded

Everyone that life, death, life is the way

That Our lives have been set up by GOD

Thus saying that losing mothers and other loved ones

Is just our life’s process

And if we maintain our trust in Him

At the end of life, we will be blessed.

Here is the poem from yesterday:

GOD’s Way

Another Mother’s Day with my Momma gone

But that has to be okay

Though that is a hard thing for me to say

Yet, she prepared me as best as she could

For her departing day

So that I could be reunited with her

When I reached the end of my life’s way.

She planted the seeds of faith in me

About her loving GOD’s way

When I was just a child 

And she nurtured and watered the seeds

And watched me grow in them while

I fed from the plants as I had need.

My Momma, with her infinite love

Prepared me for my lonely walk

A walk that I would embark upon

When she, alas, was gone

And I, her baby, would be forced to walk alone.

I no longer cavort with a child’s carefree glide

But now walk with a wounded, battle-hardened soldiers stride

Determined to see my Momma again

When I am called to my eternal home


(Based on Psalm 78:6-7.)

Saying Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and offering this poem as a tribute to my Momma (R.I.P.)

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

I’d Rather...

What is the opposite of rose tinted glasses? Negativism or cynicism could be the opposite.
And why does the world hate it when a Christian continually has a smile on their face? Could it be that the old adage that misery loves company is in play here?
And why would a Christian just keep a smile on their face anyway, as if they have some miraculous secret that the rest of the world doesn’t?
I submit that they do and I will be discussing that thought in the prose part of my upcoming book, Excelsior.

Friday, January 28, 2022



What is it and 

What does it mean to me?


This is the essence of MY faith, you see 

Because no matter what disturbs my day 

I always fall back on 

The privilege I have to pray. 



Is all I really need to say 

Because there is no better way 

To begin or end your day 

Because BYDWP is the banner that 

Has carried and sustained me 

So, the last thought that I want 

To leave with you about prayer is BYDWP.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Stubborn Faith


That GOD has always been

Able to reach into the highest echelon

To obtain favor for HIS chosen 

Is a fact that is tried and true

So, I just wanted to remind you

To never give up and to hold on

To that “stubborn faith” because

GOD has determined that, to you

Enough has been done.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

9 Books and Counting

 I posted this several years ago and thought it was prudent to repost today. 

12/5/15, 4:21 AM

She was told that a goal was set for her

And she came to believe it

Then with determination

And bulldog tenacity

She labored to achieve it.

It has been said, "Children learn what they live." That is a true statement for I am an example of it.

Folks, I will not pester you with my blog posts, unnecessarily. It just so happens that I have been inspired tremendously two days in a row, so I took the liberty of reposting my blog from today.

As a child, it was drilled into me to be kind to others. I was told that Jesus liked and expected it. Okay, so I practiced being kind and as a result, I am a kind adult. 

Another case in point, I had a geometry teacher who was very strict. I don't know who she thought I was, but she saw something in me that I did not fully know was there. She told me repeatedly and told the class too, that I was very smart, but that I was lazy. Folks, this was a unified geometry class! I resented her making that statement and calling me lazy. I resented her thinking I was not doing all that I could in my work in her class. I remember thinking, "I don't know who she thinks I am, but I am giving this class all that I have." Well wouldn't you know it, as a result of her statement, some of my classmates started to ask me questions about some of the theorems, postulates, etc. and I endeavored to answer. It came to be that whenever the "smartest" people in the class were trying to come up with an answer to something and couldn't agree, they always, somehow included me. I remember one time specifically that we were having a similar discussion and I was asked for my input, which I gave. I was ridiculed and laughed to scorn about my answer. When our teacher came into the room, I was in tears saying how I never said I was smart and saying that they asked me what I thought and I told them. We had all gotten quiet when the teacher entered. She asked what all of the arguing was about and the "smartest" girl said that we were having a discussion about a correct way to apply, whatever. (Have to forgive me here because I do not even remember what point was being argued.) Anyway, you know it, it turned out that I was right. The "smartest" girl argued with the teacher about how "she" (meaning me) could be right. Yeah, folks she was looking at my outside trappings and not listening to what I was saying because she thought nothing good could come out of me, surely. I still laugh about that sometimes today, but I took a big lesson with me from that point on in my life. I realized that while I might not be the "sharpest crayon in the box", I could hold my own. I took on a new respect for that geometry teacher and for myself. Of course, I realize now, that the Lord had a hand in the whole proceedings.

So, what did I do with the lesson that I learned? I kept it in my heart and used it to nurture my spirit when I finally made it to college and was thrown in with, what to my mind, were "great brains." I held my own in most college classes and sometimes led the discussion. And that is not all that I did with the lesson that I learned, I used that same tactic with my kids in my classes when I became a teacher. And you know what, it worked! I had my children bemoaning the fact that they had me for a teacher at the beginning of the year, only to thank me profusely at the end of the year for a challenging class and for teaching them to think. I set high expectations for them, told them they could do it repeatedly and they did! And get this, by the end of the year, they were challenging me! They would beg me for something challenging, projects, etc. That's a laugh! 

I recall reading somewhere of a Carpenter who was not deemed "good enough" to be listened to. And where is He today? Sitting on the right hand of His FATHER, in preparation of returning to get His church.

If you have a persistent dream to do something and it will not go away, put the Lord in front of you, lean on Him and reach for your dream. Who knows, may be meant to be.

About children, they can and will learn whatever we teach them and push them toward, be it academic excellence, love or hate.

Lastly, you "Can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens you." Do it and do it to His glory! 

I did

I do

And will continue.

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones

What else did I do with the lesson that I learned that day, why I'm sharing it with you. (Smile)

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

How Did I Make It?

 Luther Barnes put into a song a sentiment that I have used to carry me all these years.

The title of the song is “GOD’s Grace”. The first  couple of lines of the song say,

How did I make it, all these years

How did I make it this far?” 

 The song gives praise and thanks to GOD for HIS amazing grace and those are my sentiments exactly! For I know what it is to be in want as a child when compared to the material goods of others. I know what it is to be lifted higher than anybody thought I could go! And I know that the heights I’ve reached, though to some may seem small, are but by the grace of God. And it is where HE deemed I should be.

You see, after my Momma and daddy separated, I became to the world, “a fatherless one.” So, I learned to live with the ridicule that comes with living with few material goods and laboring under the “You ain’t got no daddy slogan.” I learned when other kids had a tiff with some child or another and they wailed out, “I’m gonna tell my daddy,” and they went running off to tell him, that I didn’t have the luxury of having a daddy at home who I could go running to like that.

But, you know what folks, I learned that GOD loved me and I learned to tell HIM all of my problems. If it worried me, I ran to tell GOD. I ran in my mind to HIM until I could get home by myself and let my tears flow as I emptied my heart to HIM. I learned that the fatherless are looked upon with extra tenderness by HIM. (Deuteronomy 10:18, Psalm 82:3, Hosea 14:3) I learned. I learned how to tell HIM, thank HIM, and praise HIM.

And I learned, as HE allowed me to be taught, how to share the knowledge of HIS love with others, the more the merrier, and hence my blog to you this morning and my numerous books that HE allowed (through HIS glory) me to pen.  Somebody might think, “You surely do brag a lot on God.” To that I say, you are right, yes I do. But if you never get tired of bragging on your earthly daddy, how much more  should I brag on the one who has carried me and you all these years and WHOSE power supersedes any man’s power?! 

How did Alma make it all these years? She made it by the grace of GOD and I stand on the top of the place where HE has put me and I yell to the world, “GOD’s Grace!” 

Be blessed today, y’all and read with a reassurance of faith from a fatherless one that HE has carried all these years! HE loves us all and will take care of us all...if we let HIM. 

Monday, October 25, 2021

One of My Friends

Became introspective upon

Hearing of the passing of a dear friend

There comes a time when you 

Realize that all that has not been

Will never be

As you turn your sagacious gaze

Toward ever-beckoning eternity.©

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Calling Card

More than one person said to me, “Sis. Alma, it’s like you are right here in the room with me when I’m reading your books.” I replied, “Good, because  that is exactly the kind of warm feeling tone I wanted my books to have. I wanted a person reading them to feel as if she were sitting down talking to me and had my undivided attention!” 

After I have gone you will know that I have been here, because I am leaving my calling card of inspirational love (my books). You see, I just walk in a CHRISTlike fashion. I add my testimony to that great crowd of witnesses that have sung GOD’s praises for ages. The Bible was written before time for our learning. One of the things we learn is of GOD’s love through CHRIST, for us. “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so.” (Psalm 107:2, KJV) My legacy is my “say so.” 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Every Day I Pray

Every day

Every day I pray

For you

For me

And for our country 

Because I know how powerful

Our GOD is and

What HE can do

For my past attests to

The lovingkindness, justice,

And righteousness that

Is in HIS powerful hand!